Project Management

Lots of approaches for your projects exist. Every SME will come to a point where changing your vision or strategy is the next step. Lean? Agile? Value Based Management? Prince2? Let's just sit together and determine which direction your company and you want to take. We will find the proper approach considering your companies values, people and competences. End-to-end, we go together! As a Project leader, as a consultant or as your Project Manager: Challenge Consult will guide you, using its 4 core values!

Change Management

Every project involves a change, from very tiny to massive. Managing the change is at least of the same importance as managing the project itself! Good project management has to involve change management. Let me guide you through the acceptance curve and find the good way to inform or to involve your team, to make sure we're doing the right thing for every stakeholder involved! For guiding you, I will use the ADKAR PROSCI Method. As a certified practicioner, I will be able to base your change management on a globally proven way.

plan do check act

Continuous Improvement

When having launched, progressing or having ended your project, the work you have done, or are doing, must have added value. Furthermore, you need to challenge your results in a constant manner, to be sure your progress remains. Let me help you in putting the correct tools in place to continue improving and to keep your value added!

Next Step

If you need to start a project, need help in your progress or even when you've completed your projects: keep it going and contact me.

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