Events organisation

Your company sometimes needs an external venue to reflect or just to have fun.

Why not combine this with a Beer Experience?

Challenge consult can organise your event from scratch, looking for the venue, the setting, the table cloth... and even help you with the content when trying to reach out to your company!

Interested? Let's talk!

Opening New HoReca Business

The fascinating Belgian HoReCa has a lot to offer! You may even want to start a new business in it. When doing so, you need some neutral help when talking about the exact equipment you need and how to organise the best workable flow in your business, taking into account your investment funds. I am experienced in finding you the correct cooling equipment, the correct draught beer equipment and the correct implementation of your counter.

Let's work together to make your launch a great success!

opening soon

Operational Flow optimization

Your HoReCa business is going great! Perfect! Now it's time to look for further optimization. How is your work flow creating more revenue? How can you optimize your workforce? Do you need to invest in equipment to grow?
Let's sit together and make our experience yours.

Next Step?

Your HoReCa business can use professional guidance to grow or improve? It's not a shame! Just don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or pick-up the phone!